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How To Maximize Pharmacy Profit While Buying From Arrowedge?

Maximize Pharmacy Profit While Buying

Pharmacies serve as a vital part of the healthcare ecosystem by providing medications, over-the-counter counseling, and other skilled nursing services. Pharmaceutical distributors have faced a constant decline in overall revenue growth with uneven profit distribution across the value chain in recent years.

The majority of the pharmaceutical wholesalers run on prescription-based sales. However, to attain maximum profit, they must also focus on non-prescription revenue. Hence, to maintain the stability of the profit levels, pharmacies must make rational strategies for their businesses. 

To boost profitability, pharmacies must consider every aspect such as location, retail model, sales team, clients, and the slow-selling distributors. Here are a few tips to maximize pharmacy profit while purchasing from Arrowedge.



Rather than relying on personal intuition, pharmacies must conduct market research to enhance their non-prescription revenue. For this, they should review the data to ascertain which retail and over-the-counter products are trending. As per a study by HRG (Hamacher Resource Group), dietary & vitamins supplements, allergy & cold, and other pain-relief categories constitute 43% of the unit sales in wellness and health.



Encourage the patients to enroll for EPS repeats while buying pharmacy from Arrowedge. Earn the loyalty of your customers so that they entrust you for purchasing medications time and again. It will help you gain extra revenue whether from shop-front or over-the-counter. Make your patient’s prescription dispensing a hassle-free process to gain EPS repeats as they are worth the investments. Get the EPS forms filled by patients to increase the chances of your pharmacy nomination and boost your profit margin.



Arrowedge must train its sales team for cross-selling as well as up-selling. Develop relationships with the clients by giving relevant suggestions on the drugs they pick up. Train the ground team to be more approachable and assist the patients on the products they are searching for to open doors for up-selling. Also, Arrowedge can run in-house contests on different pharmaceutical wholesalers’ branches to reward the staff who manages to get the maximum up-sell revenue. 



It is essential to have strategic product placement and retail layout order. For instance, similar products get placed adjacent to each other to drive customers’ attention. These are time-tested means to earn more sales as patients tend to purchase more pharmacies when they find what they are already searching for. For this, you must maintain adequate stock to meet the instant orders. Further, you can consider a pharmacy business loan to provide financial aid for expanding the business.



It becomes vital to have merchandise done repeatedly to go with the customer’s trends. Re-merchandising can build a particular urge among the patients to buy the new products launched in the market. Also, it helps them believe that there is always a fun and exciting thing to see whenever they visit pharmaceutical distributors. Hence, the product alignment helps in boosting sales.



Pharmaceutical distributors should invest in coaching their team to forge an environment of kindness, trust, and comfort. A healthy interaction is important to personally develop an association with the clients. It will lead to customer loyalty, and you may see them often time and again. Undoubtedly, customer loyalty is the key to driving bigger sales for any business.



Comprehend the different categories of products the clients purchase, then track down those products near each other and promote them with markings at the shop. For instance, customers who buy smoking deterrents would also purchase mints and gums. Similarly, clients who get eye-care products are likely to get even supplements and vitamins for keeping the eyes healthy.



The business model should be designed to understand how to render the best customer service. It will also determine the items that are the source of revenue and the revenue generation process. Various pharmacies abide by the following objects in their business models:


Compounding: To get a personalized medication for any disease rather than a common solution.

Natural Medicines: To provide high-quality sets at different leading pharmacy chain stores.

Charge For Services: Getting paid for the deeper knowledge and mastery over any chronic illness.



Despite the rise in pharmaceutical wholesalers, their revenue growth is insufficient, and the profitability margin has also declined. Profitability ratio while buying pharmacies from Arrowedge can only be achieved when the above tips and tactics are implemented. Fruitful results are achieved when proper evaluations are done at all phases, such as policymakers, investors, and patients.

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