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Arrowedge Ltd is a UK based company with over 30 years of continuous experience in pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Wholesale. We provide multi-product export and import services world-wide and have expertise in Community Pharmacies, Dispensing Doctors, Export and Import, Wholesale and Distribution.

Our Services


Our experienced team continues to manage and expand our business and product portfolio. From assisting an ever-growing customer-base to making sure product is available every time, we are known for our operational capability.


We have a commercial coverage ranging in the entire UK wholesale channel, hospitals, primary care, clinical groups and retail pharmacy. We are flexible to meet the requirements of any new challenge or opportunity.


Our compliance with European Good Distribution Practices makes sure our products are fit for sale and in line with obligations of being an ethical pharmaceutical partner. We always put quality above everything else.


Living up to our strong working relationships with regulatory and healthcare authorities, we are successful in streamlining our products to market. Not only our practices are regulated but they are also supervised under strong ethics that our team follows.

Our Experts Team

Our wholesale, export and retail divisions have a team of over 40 people
Ullas Patel
Managing Director
As a founder of Arrowedge Ltd, Ullas Patel has played a chief role in company’s development and success. He is also a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. His consistent efforts and perspiration has led to company’s significant growth.
Ankit Gondaliya
Managing Partner
Ankit Gondaliya with over a decade of experience in pharmaceutical industry is plying significant role in companies growth by bringing new suppliers, customers and products on board for UK and export sector.
Justin Roles
Quality Manager

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