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Which medical supplies are the best to buy in bulk?

Which medical supplies are the best to buy in bulk?

Running a pharmacy has become a significant responsibility, especially during a pandemic. Understanding the demand & supply of medical equipment and maintaining the inventory must be timely and proper. Buying medical supplies in bulk can result in cost-effectiveness and deliver the right supplies to the consumers when required. 


Benefits of buying medical supplies in bulk:

  • Buying medical supplies in bulk from a supplier is much more convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective. 
  • Getting exposure to a wide range of products is possible when you buy from a medical supplier in bulk. 
  • Since companies who sell in bulk must have all kinds of licenses and permits, product quality will be maintained. 
  • The suppliers may deliver the medical equipment to your doorsteps. 
  • The most important benefit of buying medical supplies in bulk is never running out of stocks.


Medical supplies that are best to buy in bulk- Drug classification:

A pharmacy is expected to maintain the stock of essential medical supplies as people rely on a pharmacy in any medical emergency. The basic supplies that every pharmacy should buy in bulk can be reduced to the following:


  • Oral drugs

Drugs like liquids, capsules, tablets, or chewable tablets can be administered orally as the oral route is convenient, safest and inexpensive. This widely used classification of medical supply has to be stocked because of the high demand.


  • Injectable drugs

A drug that is designed to be injected is an injectable drug. Injections work fast towards recovery as compared to oral drugs.


  • Infusion fluids

Intravenous fluids are liquids injected into a person’s veins through an intravenous tube. They prevent or treat dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.


  • Vaccines, immunoglobulins and antisera

Antibodies like vaccines, immunoglobulins, and antisera are essential medical supplies.


  • Drugs for external use and antiseptics

Medicines used only on the outside of your body and not to be eaten or drunk.


  • Disinfectants

Disinfectants are chemical liquids that destroy bacteria.

Any medical requirement (emergency or no) requires the mentioned supplies, and a pharmacy is required to stock these supplies. 


Other Categories of Medical supplies to buy in bulk:

Each of these medical supplies has unique characteristics and features that help them do the job they are intended for and results helpful in case of any medical emergency.


  • Consumable(Disposable) medical supplies
  • Diagnostic and testing supplies and equipment 
  • Acute care supplies
  • Supplies used in Surgeries 
  • Health care supplies for home
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Electronic and life-saving equipment
  • Durable medical equipment


Sanitation Items: 

Due to the pandemic, the need to keep your home and workplace sanitised has become a big deal. And that is why sanitation items are in demand right now. Getting all the sanitation items in bulk will be fruitful as sanitising has become a lifestyle because of the pandemic hit and continuous demand for these items. May it be soap, hand sanitiser, bleach wipes, and face masks.


Expiration date:

While stocking up the drugs with an expiration date in bulk, it is essential to ensure the supply has the right kind of demand met before the expiration date. Be sure to find the right medical equipment supplier who can guide you with the stock quantity and stock’s expiry date.  


Pharmaceutical supplier:

In the past, medical supplies and equipment were primarily ordered from local vendors or suppliers. But today, there are several other modes like online through the internet, manufacturers, and pharmaceutical suppliers. Purchasing these products directly from the Leading pharmaceutical suppliers is beneficial in substantial cost saving, quality check, and timely delivery. 


World Health Organization model list of essential medicines 2021:

Mentioned is the essential medicine list by WHO. These must-stock-up medicines/supplies are best to buy in bulk if you’re a pharmacy.


  1. Anesthetics, Preoperative Medicines And Medical Gasses
  2. Medicines For Pain And Palliative Care 
  3. Antiallergics And Medicines Used In Anaphylaxis 
  4. Antidotes And Other Substances Used In Poisonings 
  5. Anticonvulsants/Antiepileptics
  6. Anti-Infective Medicines 
  7. Antimigraine Medicines 
  8. Immunomodulators And Antineoplastics 
  9. Antiparkinsonism Medicines
  10. Medicines Affecting The Blood 
  11. Blood Products Of Human Origin And Plasma Substitutes
  12. Cardiovascular Medicines 
  13. Dermatological Medicines (Topical) 
  14. Diagnostic Agents
  15. Antiseptics And Disinfectants 
  16. Diuretics
  17. Gastrointestinal Medicines
  18. Medicines For Endocrine Disorders 
  19. Immunologicals 
  20. Muscle Relaxants (Peripherally-Acting) And Cholinesterase Inhibitors 
  21. Ophthalmological Preparations
  22. Medicines For Reproductive Health And Perinatal Care 
  23. Peritoneal Dialysis Solution 
  24. Medicines For Mental And Behavioral Disorders 
  25. Medicines Acting On The Respiratory Tract 
  26. Solutions Correcting Water, Electrolyte And Acid-Base Disturbances
  27. Vitamins And Minerals 
  28. Ear, Nose And Throat Medicines 
  29. Medicines For Diseases Of Joints 
  30. Dental Preparations 





While a wide range of medicines and equipment will be required, stocking the right and the most used supplies in bulk is essential. The requirement and suitability of the medication further depend on the consumer’s geographical location and habitat. Connecting to the right supplier is of the utmost importance when the consumer’s health (prevention and cure) is concerned. You can rely entirely on Leading pharmaceutical suppliers for quality and cost-effectiveness.

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