Tech Update in Pharma Industry

Involvement of Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

AI in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry hasn’t exactly earned an honor for its speed for adopting artificial and machine learning technology. But as it has drawn some criticism for the digital lag, many experts say that its good to have a caution where the AI is concerned.

However, the AI in the pharmaceutical industry carries much higher risks than Alexa or Google Maps. The misprediction in your GPS can lead you to the 15 minutes or an hour delay which can be tolerated. The toleration for this is because it would not cost millions of dollars nor the lives of patients.

It’s just like – particularly in life science, we don’t notice the adoption of the new software technologies. To adopt the technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, it takes time because it must pass through thorough thinking and solid justification. Because with small risks also, it can get the patients lives on risk.

And if the pharmaceutical distributors are not implying the technologies in the pharma industry,  that doesn’t mean the pharma industry is being shy. But it can be predicted that most large pharmaceutical companies can be open to technologies.

AI in the Pharmaceutical Industry…

Many pharma companies have tied up with others for the partnership to determine the decision appropriately about whether to adopt the technology or not. They also determine what technology can do in the pharma and healthcare industry for the patient’s cure.

For AI in the pharmaceutical industry, many startups can’t convince the sector to be part of the technology. Meanwhile, the pharma industry is slowly leaning in towards the AI adoption out of drugs and clinical trial developments too. The statement for the adoption of the machine learning technology has been made that the pharma industry and healthcare too should have adopted the technology yesterday i.e the way before.

The pharma industry has been leaning towards the application of AI. They are not getting a clear view of where to imply the technologies in their field.

So, Here is the Current Application of AI in Pharmaceutical Industry…

The current application of AI is a rare case because somewhere the pharmaceutical needs time to think and get solid justification. But some companies have initialized to be part of the technology. They need to know that what can be included in the application of AI.

Repetitive Tasks – Like the data entries and lab test analysis, it clears up the more complex and urgent tasks to interact with patients.

Data Management – Manages the data including all the medical records.

Healthcare Analysis System – It analysis the system to identify the errors and inefficiency

Natural-language Processing – this helps the AI computers to understand and interpret human speech and writing. It analyses thousands of comprehensive electronic medical records. It also outlines the appropriate step for evaluating and managing patients with multiple illnesses.

Medical Consultation – AI based apps should be developed to provide medical advice based on the database analysis of the symptoms of the patients and their medical history. This kind of apps can substantially reduce misdiagnosis rates.

Digital Nurses – It monitors and check out with the patients between the doctor’s appointments. This could reduce unnecessary hospital visits and hence it reduces the burden of the medical professionals. Additionally, it can save the healthcare system money.

Medication Management – Sensor or mobile app usage, the patient’s medication can be monitor in real-time by AI. It is especially important to those patients in whom the adherence is an issue and for the clinical trials.

So with this, you know how the AI is paving to enter in the pharma industry.


Even though the pharma distributors take time to think and gather the solid justification, it is slowly leaning towards the AI and ML technology.

AI in the pharmaceutical industry is a strong platform to make the doctor’s profession easy. The patient’s cure is also possible in an easy manner. Just remember to test first before implying in the patient’s life.

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