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Distribution Business Network: Expand It With Specific 6 Tips

Pharmaceutical Distributors

The previous year witnessed the transitioning and the changes in the distribution industry. Pharmaceutical distributors had evolved their business in order to stay competitive. I know that growing up your customer base is important for you. But it is more important to ensure that the existing and the one time customers must be your daily customers now. There is no doubt where happy customers will automatically refer to other customers and this will help you to expand the customer database.

Try to give your customers a sweet and fulfilling experience with the 6 tips mentioned below,

1. Better Sales with Smarter Schemes

Try to research on our competitive companies and their schemes and offers. Figure out what different you can provide to your customers in a discount or offers. Your offers, schemes and the discounts must be unique and should attract the customers. As pharmaceutical distributors, the schemes can help you convert your one time customers to the regular ones. An offer management module can help you pick and choose the correct offer with over 76 offers.

2. Personalized It

Besides offer for everyone is capable to attract more clientele. The personalized deals and discounts totally can give your customers a feel of truly valued and special. Moreover, by using the customer-rate settings, the customers can feel great by providing the specific and personalized offers which no one can get. What you can do is provide them special rates, slab discounts, and even free products exclusively for them.

3. Time is Money

When in an emergency if the retailers run out of stock for some products, it will be very difficult for the retailers to wait for your sales rep to place your order. This can result in that the retailers will approach other pharmaceutical distributors whose sales rep he sees down the street. This will be very much easy for them in emergency time.

Make sure that your customer can place the order conveniently from their home with web orders after creating the special login just for him.

4. Nobody likes to wait

However, after placing an order, no retailers should be kept waiting for the delivery of the order. Alongside, the pharma supply-chain should also use the transporter effectively to save fuel costs. And finally at the end of the day pick slip is generated. The effective rack and row tracking help in ensuring that the item is picked effectively. The delivery acknowledgment helps in ensuring which item is delivered and which are not. Whereas the parcel and the dispatch management ensures the lorries loaded up to the right amount.

5. More Importance to Quality than Quantity

Reducing the wastage and damage returns from the customers must be on the top priorities for every pharma exporters. The damaged goods not only waste time but also space. Additionally, it also gives a feeling of anger and irritation to the retailers as they feel like being cheated. To ensure this won’t happen again, efficient inventory management process like stock audit, expiry management, stock updates after the purchase. This can help with your zero return business and gives you and your customer peace of mind and reliability. This would make your customer trust you on easy perspective.

6. Timely reminders are helpful but not constant reminders!!

Just remember before reminding your customer, that timely reminders are always helpful but the constant reminders can cause irritations. A simple email or text messages two days before the due date can be helpful following the thank you message so that the customer can complete their payment on time.

Final Words,

These 6 tips can definitely help you grow your distribution network by leaps and bounds when done in a proper manner.

Try out these tips in your business and plan it properly according to your goals to get success in the pharma supply-chain industry. Expand your business and enjoy success. This is the path you can follow and expand the group of customers.



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