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How are Digital Pharma ads growing in markets?

The healthcare industry is constantly putting its foot forward in the field of technology to improve treatments and therapies. But when it comes to digital marketing there is still a room for improvement. The digital ad spending for pharma companies will grow by 12.7% in 2018. But it is still below in comparison to some leading categories like media (24.9%), entertainment (23.6%), and computer products (21.7%).

The Future of Digital Pharma Ads

According to a study, the digital advertising stats for pharma and healthcare departments are revealed for the last year. Let’s have a closer look at the prediction provided by these stats. Pharmacy ranked lowest in digital ad expenditure at only 2.7%. Retail topped the chart with the biggest share in digital advertising at 21.9%, followed by automotive at 12.6%. The stats also suggest that the digital ad spending will still lower to 10.6% in the upcoming year.

On the contrary, the traditional TV ad marketing is continuously growing for pharma companies. An executive at Johnson & Johnson says that around 50% of the company’s marketing is now focused on digital consumer engagement. Well, that’s pretty good news for pharmacy and healthcare department.

Mobile has played a vital role in getting these pharma ads displayed in front of consumers. Almost around 70% of the pharma ads are now getting displayed on mobile phones. This opens up a whole new horizon of marketing for pharmaceutical companies: messaging apps. Let’s talk about how these messaging apps can be useful in the process of driving more consumers through digital marketing.

Messaging Apps for Marketing

Several businesses today are taking the due advantage of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. These apps engage customers with relevant content. For pharma companies, messaging app can be a means to have one on one conversation with the patients, doctors or even potential customers. Another interesting use of these mobile apps in the healthcare department can be clinical trial recruitment.

The main hindrance in using this messaging app for pharma ad campaigns is its adverse effect. So the user requires adverse event monitoring and reporting to make sure conversations are recorded. Few other security concerns include:

  • Encryption
  • Company’s regulatory compliance requirements
  • The responsibility of maintaining the messaging programme
  • Carefully planning of resources
  • Response to user’s queries

Above are the few concerns that should be addressed before opting for a pharma messaging app. If these concerns are addressed properly, a messaging app can help pharma and healthcare companies to grow.


Pharma companies need to adopt new methods of communication with doctors and consumers through digital marketing. It should not be limited to their purchasing behaviors, but also include learning patterns, consumption habits, knowledge gaps and needs, drugs adherence behaviors and so on. They also need to carefully craft their messages to cut through the noise of permeating health information available online. Digital advertising and messaging seem to do that in a functional and engaging way, by providing multi-sensory three-dimensional environments through the combination of different technologies.

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