Tech Update in Pharma Industry

Future of Pharma Companies with Digitalization

Digitalization in Pharma Companies

Digitalization as in trending technology is playing a huge role in every industry and in the everyday life of humans. Every industry is changing more rapidly with technology. From the research and development, marketing and advertising, sales and distribution etc.

Talking about the research and development department progress, the pharmaceutical is one of the industry which have experienced the technological transformation with the progression of technology.

The different digital trends in pharma industry which will reshape the industry for the future are:

Artificial Intelligence

Present Situation – Humans involve in pharmaceutical test subjects.

Future Predictions – Humans will not involve in the pharma test subject. Instead, cognitive computers will use for the research of biotechnology and genes. Instead of taking a few months to get the results of the effect of drugs testing on thousands of people. The results are in a few seconds about how thousands of drugs effect on billions of simulations of the physiology of the human body.

Example – Supercomputer, Atomwise use for similar purposes and has the capability of repurposing the existing medicine for treating the diseases effectively.

This research and analysis of molecular structure would take months, instead of years. Atomwise – once identified two drugs within 24hours which could reduce the  Ebola’s infectiousness.

This is not just the prediction, but AI could also help the pharma companies to manage pharmaceutical products, import and export services.

Medicine Digitization

Present Situation – The era of digitization has been on the edge of the technology to realize every industry that only the products and services are not enough. The complete digital friendly package must offer with it.

Future Situation – The digital friendly package includes everything related to the heath from health care apps. The services and devices that can be bunched with prescriptions.

This digital offering has been already given a name in the pharma industry, “Around the Pills” growing at its rapid pace.

The popularity of this digital offering will change the game when coming to marketing and advertising, as well as pharmaceutical distribution sectors.

Body Sensors

Present Situations –  Today the body disease detect manually. The example can be given of sphygmomanometer – Blood pressure monitoring machine. This machine can detect the blood pressure rates attaching to your body.

Future Situation – The body sensors are the new technology which is currently in clinical testing. These sensors place on the body or inside the body. What they do is measure the vital signs in the body.

Example – one existing sensor which is the digestible one and these sensors is been placed inside the pills. The sensor tracks both the drugs being digested and how well it is absorbed into the body.

It is observed that it is been effective in overseeing the prescriptions of mental disorders, major depressive disorders and bipolar I disorder.

AR and VR

AR is almost indulging itself into our daily routine and life. Now that pharmaceuticals are the part of our life then how can the pharma industry be without AR and VR?

Present Situations – Presently, how does the drug works, what is its purpose and many other details of drugs are print on the pamphlet for the patients to read.

Future Situations – Many pharma companies are looking forward to better connectivity of the patients with their prescriptions, translating the descriptions on the bottle in 3D. Instead of reading the long descriptions, patients could be more engaged with the visual VR demonstration.

Its believed that if the pharma companies invest in VR technology. More streams of revenue would open up to provide virtual reality treatments. This treatment would not be applicable for the disease like cancer or pneumonia but it can be for pain and stress.

Personalization and precision of Medicine

The new technology in pharmaceutical industry had given the opportunities. To the new fields to open up and deepen the significance for the next decade. With this, to get the precision medical treatment to the patients for the various illness is becoming inexpensive and commercially available.  

Therefore, to ensure the research on how the medication can be more effective. The pharmaceutical industry is spending the most money possible.

Example – how some drugs attack the cancer cells and not the other cells.

The organizations analyze the patient’s DNA to identify the suitable medication for the specific treatment plan.

Future Predictions – Instead of manufacturing the medications for millions of people with an “average “ or “median” DNA and molecular makeup in mind, medicines, and its dosage will become unique for every patient.


The technology in pharmaceutical Industry is still reshaping the industry. Many organizations have accepted the trends are open to the challenges and comfort the new trends are offering. Now it’s your turn to open your organization’s gate and welcome the new trends.

You never know, the digital trends in pharma industry are evolving and emerging at every blink of an eye.

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