We have a number of amenities to keep our pharmaceutical storage is on point

At Arrowedge Ltd, pharmaceuticals are stored with assurance of integrity. We know that the quality of pharmaceutical goods is vital, which is why we offer temperature controlled warehousing, with secure storage and capacity. Our modern temperature controlled warehousing facilities allow storing pharmaceutical products at specific temperature requirements. We have been approved for our quality by our customers as well as regulatory bodies.

Temperature Control

Our pharmaceutical products are temperature-controlled, allowing us to maintain a consistent temperature year-round. Lighting is also either motion-regulated or time-based to ensure that the inventory is not overly exposed to light.


All of our products are highly secured, featuring round-the-clock digital video surveillance, personalized pin code access at all entry points, the most secure locks to ensure there is no compromise on the quality of products getting delivered.


Our warehouse is spacious enough to handle the products supplied to us. Making required product available on time is only possible due to the large storage capacity that we have.