Arrowedge Management Team

Arrowedge is run by expert management team having years of experience in medicinal products and trading with pharmaceuticals. It comprises a team of over 40 individuals managing retail, wholesale and export divisions of the unit.

Arrowedge Mangaging Partners

Ullas Patel

(Managing Director)

As a founder of Arrowedge Ltd, Ullas Patel has played a chief role in company’s development and success. He is also a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. His consistent efforts and perspiration has led to company’s significant growth.

Nitesh Patel

(Managing Partner)

Nitesh Patel has played a vital role in building a loyal customer base within UK Pharmacy and Wholesale Sectors. He has assured company’s remarkable progress from a national unit to global exposure. Having a strong background in Pharmaceuticals, he ensures company’s continued progress in export division.

Ankit Gondaliya

(Business Development Director)

Ankit Gondaliya with over a decade of experience in pharmaceutical industry is plying significant role in companies growth by bringing new suppliers, customers and products on board for UK and export sector.

Justin Roles

(Warehouse Manager)